About Course

Objectives Through Big Data analytics technology to collect overflowing large volume of data in your life to draw meaningful results establish policies and strategies that meet the needs of customers and the practice applied to business management and marketing.
  1. - Marketers / entrepreneurs who are interested in big data management
  2. - Management Planning, Strategy department employees, including management team
  3. - company manager related to Data
Hours 3 Days (24 Hours)

Topic Sequence

Date Time Traning content
1 Day 4hrs 1. What is Big Data Business?
  1. - Features of Big Data
  2. - IT 4 Powers’ Big Data Strategies
  3. - Utility value that are expected to take advantage of Big Data
  4. - Why Big Data Business important
  5. - A challenge to actualize Big Data Business
  6. - The future of Big Data Business
4hrs 2. The convergence of Big Data and Social Media
  1. - New possibilities of Big Data, “Social Experience"
  2. - Social Media in the Age of Big Data
  3. - Personal and social, and analysis
  4. - The new terms of leverage social data
  5. - Changes led by Big Data Era
2 Day 4hrs 3. Big Data Marketing Strategy Case Analysis
  1. - The utility of Big Data in terms of operators
  2. - Effectiveness of the 'real-time' and 'feedback target'
  3. - Marketing models and business models using Big Data
4hrs 4. Leveraging Big Data, marketing strategy planning
  1. - A strategy to collect and create Big Data
  2. - A strategy to accumulate Big Data
  3. - A strategies to process and analyze Big Data
3 Day 8hrs 5. Big Data Business Planning Practice
  1. - To plan its own marketing strategies utilizing Big Data
  2. - Presentation and team exercises, and feedback